Monday, December 14, 2015

Woodpecker painting

This is a quick painting I did last spring. Painting without worrying about making every detail perfect was a great exercise. It adds life and feeling to the bird.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Youthful merimaids journal page and poem

I've been to sunny Utah and back during the past few weeks. Spent Thanksgiving with family, which was great after such a long absence. It's a holiday that I really miss, so I was glad for the chance to be able to celebrate it once again. 

I've picked out a painting I made in one of my art journal books a couple months ago.

The poem is as follows:

youthful mermaids

where sunflowers grow and fairies fly
we crawl to the stars and turn our ears
to stories of nature
woven with power

you think it's unbelievable
hand in the blue, colors to enjoy
the night's legends of purple stone
that live in grace and marble

is this the closest we come?

I like the visual effect of the clipped lines on the page - they help create the breaks and pauses and of course, the alignment is free form which does affect the reading of the poem. It's lots of fun doing this, and I encourage you all to try your hand at it - with or without your own painting! :)